This plug-in allows you to search multiple drawings for blocks, texts and/or lines/polylines, grouping and counting them based on their attributes and report the results in a grid that can be sorted and rearranged. 


When you are satisfied with your selection you can both insert a table on a drawing or export the results as an XLS workbook, even without MS Excel installed.


It's much faster and easier to use than the built-in Data Extraction.


The plug-in comes also with three handy tools for table management: Table Sort, Table Merge with add-up capabilities, and Table Paste to paste Excel data directly as an Autodesk® AutoCAD® table.


This software now is free and will remain free. However, you cannot sell or distribute it for profit, nor you cannot decompile and use the code without explicit agreement with us.

Beware! This is the final release. There won't be any updates for 2023.
Thank you for all the support during the past years!

About This Version

Version 2.0.2, 8/27/2021
Added 2022 support. Final release. There won't be any update to 2023.

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  • How to make it work in AutoCAD 2024
    Adrian Schoenberg | September 03, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Look for the file PackageContents.xml of each plug-in in the plugin folder on your PC.

    Usual paths for plugins are:


    In the file PackageContents.xml of each plug-in you must look for the following value:


    This value defines what AutoCAD version will load up the plug-in and what version will not load it.

    For the plugin to be loaded by AutoCAD 2023 for example, you have to change the value to R24.3


    Now the plug-in will load in AutoCAD 2023.

  • Very good but...
    Aleksey Yaresko | December 02, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This is a very good app. I do not understand why the application does not count the selected items but excludes them from the overall calculation. Am I doing something wrong?

    Massimo Cicognani | December 03, 2021

    I'll check. Should work as expected (using the dedicated button on the 2nd tab). Pre-selection before launching the command is simply ignored.

  • 统计多线段和线段
    Jingye Ma | April 28, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)


  • Excelent plugin
    Sergio Laime | February 26, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Very recomended plugin count fastest blocks

  • Great App
    Sławomir Sosfa | June 22, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Powerful app. Fast and easily retrieve data from Blocks and Text objects from multiple drawings without opening them.

  • Saves me a lot of time!
    Gregory Bernardo | June 20, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I have a demanding customer with multiple projects. Using this app I am able to reduce production and QC times!

  • This saved me serious time and headaches!
    Kevin Layton | April 25, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I had to combine BOM's from multiple piping isometric drawings, and extracting data from a 3D model was not an option. The table merge function is awesome! This needs to be advertised, as you'll see many people online asking how to join tables together but comsCountIt! isn't usually mentioned. Highly recommended!

  • Pretty good!
    Vince Ngan | March 31, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This is a pretty good tool for those who aren't familiar with using the default dataextraction command in cad. Sure simplifies the task of dataextraction. One thing though, I wish you could hide attribute columns in the report view and be able to save that setting for future reference or be able to select or add certain attributes in the object selection tab. for the most part , I have the need to create several tables in the same project so being able to toggle between table settings would be a huge time saver for me. I've got some blocks that have more than 20 attributes but I want may table to show maybe 5 or 6 attributes only when inserted.

    Massimo Cicognani (Publisher) | April 01, 2016

    Thank you for your feedback! I'll take in account your suggestion for future releases (time allowing...),

  • awful good!
    Uwe Grabner | June 08, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This App is easy to handle and absolutely usefull!! Since today available for 2016 - perfect! Now my AutoCad is complete again. Thank you for this brillant App!

  • AutoCAD 2016 not supported
    Eriquoz Zouqire | April 22, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    AutoCAD 2016 not supported

    Massimo Cicognani (Publisher) | April 23, 2015

    True, not YET supported, we are required to make extensive tests before releasing. But version compatibility is clearly stated. This is not a valid reason for a low feedback. 08/06/2015: 2016 version is now online

  • Great!
    Massimiliano Baratta | February 16, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    The filters are not flexible with few option, but overall a great plugin for entity count. You think is possible to extend the filter type in future? Good idea exporting table to Excel file.

  • WOW!
    Paolo Archimede | August 24, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Maybe I'd have choosed a different layout for filters, but it works like a charm! Fast and good support for tables and Excel. Further, the table sort it's worth the download by itself! Something that should be standard feature in AutoCAD!!!

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