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It doesn’t get any easier than this! Using Joist 3D, you can create 3D solids for K-Series and KCS bar joists, simply by selecting a single line.

  1.     First, draw a simple line to represent the joist bearing begin and end points in 3D space.
  2.     Then, open the Joist 3D K-Series dialog; select the type of joist required, size of joist, then click OK.
  3.     After the dialog closes you are prompted to select the single line you placed in the first step above.
  4.     Once selected, the K-Series Steel Bar Joist is created as a single AutoCAD 3D solid using the bearing start and end points for the length of the joist.
  5.     Copy this joist to other locations in your drawing to complete the requirements for this size joist.
  6.     That’s it, Joist 3D does all the work for you whether you know any AutoCAD 3D commands or not.

If you can draw a single line in AutoCAD then we can do the rest!

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