3D Office Furniture Creator (Full Version)

3D Office Furniture Creator (Full Version)

Mir Hossein Mirghassemi



This plug-in has been made to be a handy and easy to use tool for interior designers, especially those who focus particularly on designing office furniture.


By using this app you will be able to create a variety of 3D, well-designed office furniture as well as office equipment. All the elements and objects that are designed by the plug-in are standardized and coded. The typical characteristics of each object are based on ergonomic standards, interior design rules and regulations such as height, width, length and thickness of desks. Therefore by using the app you can even send the details of the created desk or objects to factories to manufacture the final objects and modules.


The very innovative idea we have put into this user-friendly plug-in is “3D Modular Designing” capability. What does it mean?


There are 3D, pre-defined, coded and standardized modules which are selected based on widespread use in real interior design and architecture world. You can design your own desired desk by selecting relevant modules or you can choose from Pre-designed desks that are introduced as an option inside the plug-in.


Moreover 3DOFC provides a variety of necessary and popular office accessories and equipment such as LCD, Flower pot, chairs etc. Once the desk or module is inserted the typical characteristics of each object can be shown and accessed by users in order to check the dimensions and codes.

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