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SyncZ - Win64


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Manage multiple drawings more efficiently: Execute commands in all open drawings. Synchronize pan & zoom. Copy UCS.

Execute any command in all open drawings. Type 5CC and the command you want to run in all open drawings. For instance, type 5CC, and then _tilemode 1 to make model space current in all open dwgs. Type 5CC and _zoom _e to display the maximum extents of all objects. SyncZ comes also with 5C. 5C works like 5CC except that it processes the command as soon as you press the spacebar. Please visit for free Autolisp routines that will allow you to select a layer to become the Current Layer, Isolate layers, Lock layers, update blocks, etc.. in all open drawings.

Improve quality assurance with 5Z: Pan & zoom in the current drawing, then type 5Z ==> all other open drawings pan & zoom become the same as the current dwg. The best way to use this feature is to have only two drawings open. The human brain is very good at spotting minute differences between two drawings when they are on top of one another. See 5Z in action here:

Copy named UCS: type 5U to copy the current drawing named UCS(s) to all other open drawings.

If the name of any of these commands conflicts with one of your in-house commands, it can be amended. Send your request to


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The free 30-Day Trial gives you full access to all functionality.
Buy 1 license for $8 USD (one-time purchase, 1 license per computer).
Payment is made via Paypal. If you prefer you can “Check Out as a Guest” and enter your Billing information without creating a Paypal account.
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Version 3.0.0, 3/21/2017
2017-02-09 Compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2018

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