Helmert Transformation

Helmert Transformation

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Using this application selected drawing elements will be rotated, scaled and moved automatically.


This will be useful in geodesy for connecting a small surveying net to the country coordinate system.

For this purpose, the user selects related pairs of points (terminate by [Enter]) and the elements to be transformed. The program calculates the transformation matrix based on the related point pairs. Then the user has to start the transformation.


Additionally, the point pairs and transformation parameters may be exported and imported. A protocol of transformation may be generated also.

The test version is up to 30 days usable and during this test, period restricted to transformation of max. 30 elements.

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Version 4.2020.917, 6/1/2021
- Version for Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2021 - Option for creation of labels of picked points - Bugfix of our Licensing for AutoCAD 2018 or lower

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  • Very good, works as advertised.
    Hans Moller | August 04, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Allows subsequent rotation/translation as calculated by the transformationof selected drawing elements. Scale can be forced to 1 or any value.

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