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In preparing an estimate, the quantities of different items of work are calculated by a simple mensuration method and from these quantities, the cost is calculated. The manual method of estimation is time consuming with respect to the quantity estimation. Existing estimation software needs to be input with quantities which can be only calculated manually from 2D drawings.
This is a major weakness of the system. By adding a scanning method to calculate the quantity automatically from drawings. Estimax attempts to reduce the time for estimation drastically. Rate Analysis can be easily done with the sub functions like Rate Master, Work Sub Group. Reports can be easily prepared. 
  • Estimation in minutes by scanning the Autodesk® AutoCAD® Drawing.
  • Scan objects like windows, doors, columns etc. from AutoCAD drawing.
  • Derive work items from AutoCAD drawing through scanning. 
  • Prepares detailed and abstract Estimate Reports.
  • Provision for changing Rates and Specifications for each Project.
  • Flexibility in adding new works. 
  • Gives detailed Estimate with dimensions of each work in a project.
  • Steel Quantity preparation.
  • Calculates Material, Labour and Machinery requirements for each work and its rate. 
  • Works with standard specifications


The trial period is for 15 days after installation. After this trial period online purchase has to be done using the software.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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  • Very useful
    Daril Prasad | February 21, 2017

    Excellent software for estimation.

  • Estimax
    Teena Thomas | February 18, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Nice work..

  • Good Experience
    ALEENA PETER | February 18, 2017

    It has been a good exprience working with estimax.....

  • Productive Work
    BONY ROY | February 18, 2017

    An innovative user-friendly application........

  • Estimax software
    anu baby | February 18, 2017

    useful software,can do estimation of buildings in minutes. Can we do estimation of designer building? Is the rates updated automatically?

  • Userfriendly Estimation Software
    Clinton P. R | February 18, 2017

    Had a nice experience using this software. Estimated a 1200sqft building from AutoCAD dwg. within minutes.

    VYSHNA K M | February 18, 2017

    very good ,usefull,user friendly,very easy to estimate.

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