Area Dividing Application

Area Dividing Application

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DVB - Quickly divide a closed polyline into smaller parts.

For urban design, sometimes you must split a large plot into smaller parts that have the same area.


This tool will help you in this situation.

With the one command DVB, you can split an area by more than 10 different methods:

  • 6 types of Target: Split areas have the same area, or have the same front dimension...
  • 2 types of Slider: Line, Polyline.
  • 2 methods of moving the Slider: Parallel, Rotation.

The new command DVBNOTE, you can insert the Text of the area. Please see the video for more informations.

About This Version

Version 1.0.22, 6/30/2022
Add Make note command Add Target Font/End Support AutoCAD 2023

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