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Sheet Set Publisher plugin gives the user additional functionality to handle  Sheet Sets in Autodesk® AutoCAD®. The plugin’s main focus is to batch update custom properties and to batch process sheets.



  • Sheet Set Publisher Lite - free, provides only basic functionality for updating Sheet Set properties
  • Sheet Set Publisher Plus - paid edition with full functionality



  • batch update Sheet Set project default and custom properties
  • batch update Sheet Set drawings default and custom properties
  • shows Sheet Set content as treeview similar with the default AutoCAD one
  • sheets multiple selection
  • batch print to PDF
  • batch run script for selected drawings in model space or in individual layouts
  • automatically adds new revision updating the title block  to the next letter or number
  • exports all Sheet Set content to Excel
  • exports only selected sheets to a template file to generate drawings transmittal



For any drawing that you produce in AutoCAD, you can link the layout to an AutoCAD Sheet Set using Sheet Set Manager. Sheet Set is effectively a collection of sheets (layouts). For each sheet you can assign properties such as a drawing number, a title or a description. Moreover, you can add custom properties to suit your company's title block such as revision number, revision date, revision description, project manager, sheet scale etc. Any layout that is associated to a Sheet Set can read the subject sheet properties via fields. The current AutoCAD functionality does not allow the user to batch process multiple sheets, which by using the out of the box Sheet Set can turn into a tedious task. 


Sheet Set Publisher plugin shows the sheets the same way as Sheet Set Manager in AutoCAD. The plugin adds extra functionality such as multiple sheets selection and batch process operations for updating fields, printing to pdf, running script or exporting to Excel as transmittal. 

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