Nerom Block Cleaner

Nerom Block Cleaner

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Nerom Block Cleaner is a tool for cleaning and decreasing the file size of an AutoCAD® drawing.


  • Very quickly scans all the blocks in a drawing
  • Shows a tree view visualizing block nesting
  • Allows cleaning of objects inside and outside of blocks (i.e. blocks and model space)
  • Lists and sorts the blocks according to their object count
  • Highlight a block from the list and the Block Cleaner shows it on the screen
  • Select any single or a group of blocks for cleaning operation
  • Real life cases have shown that the file size squeezes even by 50% - 70%
  • Biggest impact is obtained with data imported from other systems to AutoCAD
  • Block Cleaner does not change the image or the geometry of a block nor the drawing


Block Cleaner removes unnecessary object types. It removes overlapping lines. It converts and re-organizes objects in blocks so that the total number of partial elements is decreased. The resulted cleaned drawing is lighter for the AutoCAD to process. Current Block Cleaner works on AutoCAD versions 2015 and 2016.


The Autodesk® App Store installation comes with a trial license. The trial version has the following limitations.


  • Nerom Block Cleaner works normally for just one selected block per run per hour
  • For a selection of multiple blocks and/or sub blocks the trial lets you see the indicators for the results i.e. the cleaning potential
  • The shown cleaning ratio for multiple blocks is just for information, to show what can be achieved with a license


You can easily upgrade the license from trial to full. Every time you start the app there is a button for requesting a full version license. The price of the full version license is 100 USD (VAT 0%).


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). Installation does not require administrative privileges.

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