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SmartDraft Text Tools

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SmartDraft Text Tools included:


Tools to add text:

*   Text Parallel: Create text parallel to a selected line segment.

*   Arc Text: Create arc text from a selected curve.

*   Text Sequential: Create or replace the text with sequential numbers or letters, optional prefix, and suffix

*   Text Add Note: Create text with the same style, rotation, layer, and standard spacing as the selected text.

*   Text Dialog: Dialog box interface to standard Autodesk® AutoCAD® Text or MText command to select the style and justification.

*   Text Respacing: Create text in the drawing with the option to adjust the line spacing.

*   Text Mathematics: Add, Subtract, Multiply, and/or Divide numeric values of selected text objects.

*   Text Import/Export: Import/Export an ASCII text file.


Tools to modify the alignment of text:

*   Text Horizontal: Rotate text horizontally to the bottom of the screen.

*   Text Vertical: Rotate text vertically to the bottom of the screen.

*   Text Align Parallel: Align text parallel to a line.

*   Text X Align: Modify the horizontal alignment point of selected text.

*   Text Spacing: Adjust the spacing between selected text strings.

*   Text Fit: Force selected text to fit between two points while maintaining the text height.


Tools to adjust text:

*   Text Adjust Number: Adjust or round the number(s) within text strings.

*   Change Label Direction: Change the direction of text, mtext, and arc text.

*   Text Swap: Swap one text string for another.

*   Reposition Labels: Change the vertical position of existing arc text.

*   Text Copy String: Copy the source text string to a target text or attribute.


Tools to modify text:

*   Label Edit: Modify text, mtext, attributes, and arc text.

*   Text Multiple Strings Editor: Modify multiple lines of selected text.

*   Text Edit Properties: Modify the properties of text, mtext, and attributes.


Tools to mask text:

*   Text Mask: Mask selected text, mtext, arc text, or attributes.

*   Text Unmask: Remove the mask from text, mtext, arc text, mtext, and attributes.


Tools to add prefixes and suffixes:

*   Text Add Prefix / Suffix: Add a prefix and/or suffix to existing text, mtext, arc text, and attributes.

*   Text Remove Prefix / Suffix: Remove the (), [], {}, and <> prefix and suffix from text, mtext, arc text, and attributes.


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Version 24.0.1, 3/26/2024
Version 24.0.1 released - 3/28/2024. * Supports for Autodesk® Civil 3D® and AutoCAD 2020-2025.

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