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Your CAD drawings might consist of a few hundred or several million drawings. No matter what volume you are dealing with, your drawings have trapped knowledge and experience. CADRipper Pro frees this information with a drawing search engine with Boolean search for words, phrases and ASCII characters by layer, by blocks, by layouts and locations. The CADRipper Pro uses a local instance of SQL Server Express 2008 R2 with Advanced Features (free from Microsoft). The CADRipper Pro does this by capturing text by location, by layer, by block, and by layout.


The process is known as ripping a drawing. The drawings are left in place and the information goes into a drawing catalog. The result is one or more drawing catalogs with full-text search. What this means is that with the CADRipper Pro you have maximum search flexibility into your archives and across your network. You get your money back in time the first time you have to search. CADRipper Pro benefits are: Increased Productivity; Increased Accessibility; and, Searchable Archives.


The CADRipper Pro is a drawing search engine using a local instance of SQL Server Express 2008 R2 with Advanced Features. The CADRipper Pro transforms ripped information into drawing catalogs. What this means is that you have maximum search flexibility into your archives and across your network to find and open drawings with matching text. The CAD Ripper Pro organizes and helps you find your drawings in a more efficient way. The CADRipper Pro uncovers your intellectual property.


SQL Server Express has a 10 GB limit which translates as a lot of drawing references and searchable text with layers, blocks, layouts and geometry (consider War and Peace by Tolstoy, an epic tale considered the 17th longest book in a Latin or Cyrillic based alphabet, is about 3 MB). SQL Server Express is free from Microsoft. Optionally you can use SQL Server with no storage limit. The only restriction is that the CADRipper Pro uses a local SQL Server instance.


CADRipper Enterprise uses a server database and supports the use of web maps for locations. Projects may be represented by KML/KMZ files so that you literally map your CADRipper catalogs. For example, turn a pipeline to a KML/KMZ file and link your CADRipper catalog to the pipeline. At the CADRipper core is a CADRipper catalog. You drag and drop drawings and folders through the CADRipper into a catalog.


An overall summary of the process is: Create a CADRipper catalog or select an existing catalog; Drag and Drop drawings and folders into the catalog; The CADRipper creates support tables. To find drawings you open a catalog and execute a search or a search with advanced options. The CADRipper presents you with a drawing list and you click to open a drawing. In addition to advanced Boolean search to specific layers, blocks, and layouts, the CADRipper is location smart. How? Simply because we have saved all text location attributes (user coordinate system geometry).


If you open a window on the drawing you do a Boolean search into the window and into your catalog. How nice would this be for large projects? The CADRipper Pro uses: RealDWG technology to rip drawings into tables; SQL Server Express 2008 R2 with Advanced Features database on the desktop to store ripped information; SQL Server’s Advanced Features to provide the search utilities; and Icon to control the Library, Catalog and Searcher Palettes. 


A single user license is $98.00 USD. The CADRipper Pro comes with a 15-day free trial and there are discounted 5-pack, 10-pack, and additional discounts for larger sales at the product web page on: 

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