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Welding Symbols In 10 Sec.!

Watch the video below and see for yourself. Weld2K delivers a clean and straightforward user dialog interface for adding ANSI/AWS Welding Symbols to contract documents. Eliminates Weld Symbol libraries by parametrically creating an unlimited number of Weld Symbols on demand.

The Restore Symbol feature lets you quickly restore any welding symbol created and saved for quick placement. Predefined symbols can be shared via the network or by copying the saved symbol files to other users’ workstations.

Create the entire Welding Symbol before placing it on your drawing. Each specific symbol may be saved for reuse at the touch of a button, over and over, revising the previous symbol to create new ones. Welding Symbols are based on ANSI/AWS specifications and give you complete control over every aspect of each symbol.

A symbol icon is updated within the dialog as each component is selected when creating the welding symbol. You may attach user-defined labels and notes directly from within the built-in edit boxes. ANSI standard notation is built in for easy note selection.


  •     Add welding symbols to your drawing by creating them in an on-screen dialog before placement.
  •     Save symbol configurations to recall for later use or in other drawings and other projects.
  •     Preferences dialog controls all aspects of the welding symbol.
  •     Symbols have added intelligence for easy identification.
  •     Continuous multiple leader lines are made from a polyline.
  •     The size of symbols are controlled from the current DimScale setting.
  •     Clone Button allows the selection of existing weld symbols to create a copy or a new one. 


Note: The installer is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 to 2024 (including other vertical products).

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Version 14.1.0, 2/19/2024
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  • Easy to use
    ROBERT CROOKER | April 14, 2022

    Works well, It does change the ATTREQ variable from "0" to "1". It would be nice if it didn't do that.


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