3D Partition Wall Creator

3D Partition Wall Creator

Mir Hossein Mirghassemi



This plug-in is designed for interior designers and architects to make 3D partition wall modules for their working plans. Though all AutoCAD® users who need to separate rooms or spaces on their designs can use this application. In fact this application is a converter which converts 2D simple lines to 3D partition wall modules. The materials of the modules are assumed as wooden panels (Shown by Cyan colour), aluminium (Shown by Colour 14) and sheet glasses (Empty spaces). The plug-in make partition wall modules which are designed based on interior design standard rules. This application generates partition wall modules exactly on every selected line by user. For the first time a handy, unique and easy to use tool for office interior designers and architects.


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Version 1.0.1, 4/12/2016

2nd release to Exchange store.

AutoCAD® 2016 compatibility added.

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  • Useless...
    Piergiuseppe Scansetti | August 04, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Limited to 2.5m height! Actually in Europe 2.70m is the minimum height accepted! Maybe these are partitions for the Seven Dwarfs house.

    Hossein Miri (Publisher) | August 04, 2017

    Dear User. I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the app. Height limitation will be increased to 3.5 m in next release. Thanks Mir

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