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The DWGOsign reactor will automatically sign any changed and new drawn DWG object with a "signature" containing the user name (login name) and timestamp of the latest change (plus optional other data). This signature data is added transparently on a drawing object level. DWGOsign transparently adds this information to all created and edited objects. Signature data can be viewed interactively or reported globally to Excel.

Trial limitations:  * AutoCAD serial number and Platform (OS) is added to the signature (cannot customize)   * cannot sign objects manually (option Sign)   * cannot select objects signed by users (option SelSignedBy)   * the Info/Inspect options display only the first 10 objects   * Report - reports only the first 10 objects 

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Version 1.1, 4/12/2016

first release

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  • Interesting tool
    silvio cherz | February 07, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    A convenient way to watch team members' contributions to a project.

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