BOMSuite-ATT (BOMSATT) will extract selected or all block attribute contents into AcDbTable and keep the data linkage between them. By doing so, BOMSATT can provide not only a summary table of all the attribute contents, but also a new way to modify the attribute contents.


Once the AcDbTable is created, you can change the contents in the table and BOMSATT can update the block attribute contents accordingly. Furthermore, the AcDbTable can be exported into Excel and after doing the changes in Excel, BOMSATT can execute the "Data Synchronization" from Excel. Once the linked AcDbTable is created, you can modify and export it at any time. If there is no active linked AcDbTable, BOMSATT will prompt users to pick one. Once the AcDbTable is revised, supported by BOMSATT, there are only a few more steps to modify the block attribute contents -- just a few clicking.


BOMSuite's ribbon menu is relocated to an individual KozMos panel where you can find all KozMos Apps published in Autodesk App Store and can directly access the certain address to download the App(s) you are interested in.

BOMSATT is shareware and locked by RegisterShell for VLDCL in 30-days-trial mode. The products can run in trial mode with full functions for 30 days after the first calling date. The only inconvenience is that the RegisterShell will appear each time invoking the products. After the expiration date, the products will be locked permanently and only registration can activate it again. The registration will disable the compulsory appearance of RegisterShell.

Trial Description

Trial period is 30 days since first time calling the App.

Trial mode has full functions, just have to see the register interface every time before the main interface dialog.

About This Version

Version 3.0, 12/29/2019
Enhanced and more complicated registration check Adding self registration check feature Add Machine Key for self registration check Add feature to explode BOMSuite Table without losing field

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