TL Barrier Warrant Index Calculator

TL Barrier Warrant Index Calculator



This app is a digital version of the Roadside Barrier Index Nomograph from the BC Supplement to TAC, Page 610-3, April 2019 edition, BC Ministry of Transportation, Canada. It allows you to compute the barrier need index without leaving the Autodesk® AutoCAD®/Autodesk® Civil 3D® design environment.



  • Instant BWI computation
  • Automatic Friction computation from Ball Bank indicator reading or Curve Design Data
  • Automatic Effective Height of Fill Computation from input parameters (organized by type)
  • Value interpolation within the parameter min/max range (except for the Climatic Conditions parameter)
  • Parameter range checks and validation
  • Critical values computations for all input parameters (except Climate), if within the allowed range
  • Native AutoCAD Palette GUI interface


Interpolation is based on the n-degree polynomial best-fit approximation for all parameters except Fill Slope, which is interpolated linearly from the nearest discrete values


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Version 2022.11.12, 11/23/2022
Initial release.

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