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Smart Leader




Normal multileader (MLeader) will be much smarter when you turn on this program. The multileader will be able to search the objects in the drawing under the place where their arrow points. In order to make a smart leader enough to create the normal multileader and to leave the text blank. Or enter a question mark ‘?’. Or you can type a special code word (substitution) instead of a multileader text.  And if under the multileader arrow will find something valuable, the multileader text was miraculously replaced by a description of the found object. You can avoid a lot of mistakes and your work will be reduced to a couple of clicks.


The leader will be able to find:

·         The blocks with names. If the block has normal name (not A$...), then the leader will show the block name.

·         Any attribute of the block. You can specify attribute to look for. Or write the attribute name right when you enter the leader and surround it with characters ‘%’. You can use hidden and constant attributes.

·         Any parameter of dynamic block.

·         Solids. Leader measure solid and write information about it. The default is the name of the solid layer and dimensions. You can change solid description template. When you create a smart leader you can write any one parameter of the solid.

·         All other objects if they are named with the plugin Names.

·         For any object you can display the layer (substitution %l%) or color (substitution %col%)

·         The leader will find objects even if they are hidden in the model for the viewport  and the leader is in paper space.

·         The leader will find objects even if they are hidden under another leader, dimension or text.

·         The leader can look for the most deeply buried objects within blocks and external references. This feature can be disabled in preferences

·         Smart leader will change the text if you move the arrow to another object of the drawing or if you move the entire leader using commands to _Move, _Copy, etc.


To avoid errors, the program can highlight found objects. And the illumination for blocks and for other objects has different colors. Smart leaders easily turn off if they at some point interfere with work. Flexible settings allow you to optimize the program for your needs. All the smart leaders can be updated by one click, without suffering the search for changes. Moreover, the leader does not remember the object to which they pointed, and it remember search settings. This eliminates severe cases, when the leader arrow shows one detail and the text describes a very different detail.

The program interacts well with the plugins Names, Lay and Sawing Table. Once entering the part names in the properties of the solids, you can quickly place them on the leaders of the Assembly drawing and exploded drawings, and Sawing Table. Measurement of the solid follows the same rules as in the Sawing Table, regardless of the rotation of parts in space.

According to your request I can optimize the command for the standards of your company, to teach it to look for a sawing-table on layouts, insert a table format you need, etc. Offer your price.



Plugin compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 and newer,  x32 and x64. There is a English and Russian localization. There are compatibility issues with Autodesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical, I strongly do not recommend using my plug-in with the AutoCAD Mechanical.


Trial version:

You can use this software without time limits. But activating window will periodically appear on the screen. To disable this activating window on the screen, you can donate $15 and I will give you an activation key.

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About This Version

Version 2018.3, 4/12/2018
Compatible with AutoCAD 2019 Individual settings for each leader style The leader with the block content (on the end) grew smarter - now you can put the part numbers in circles. There was an opportunity to set a lot of attributes in the block at the end of the leader and fill them with different properties for different templates New way to highlight objects - Blinking selection Settings Dialog on command ALD Switch leader styles in the settings dialog Drop-down lists with substitutions for easy template customization A separate template for "other objects" New command -ALD for console configuration Now, instead of the values ​​of the properties of objects, substitutions can be replaced with AutoCAD Fields New option in Common Options: Use fields

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  • А как купить?
    Алекскндр Рыжкин | March 24, 2016

    Где купить??????

    Alexandr Chernishev (Publisher) | March 25, 2016

    Я написал вам на почту варианты оплаты. Пожалуйста выберите один из них и ответьте мне на почту, я пришлю данные для оплаты.

  • Awesome app
    MIKE ADDOTTA | February 17, 2016

    This tool allows you to select the 3d solid through a viewport and it automatically adds the data that is associated to the 3d solid. The combination of this application, Names and the Sawing table applications has revolutionized the way I work, reduced my drafting time dramatically and has taken the human error factor out of the equation.

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