Table cell to field Trial

Table cell to field Trial



Create fields linked to table cells.  Run Autodesk® AutoCAD® FIELD command and choose the new “Table cell field” from the dropdown. These fields are updated on demand, along with AutoCAD built-in fields, this is controlled via AutoCAD’s FIELDEVAL (System Variable). If the table is deleted, a balloon notification will show, and the fields will evaluate to ####.

Trial Description

You can create as many fields as you wish, only the first 20 will be reevaluated, there is no time limit

About This Version

Version 1.1.36, 9/27/2022
1.1.15 First release. 1.1.21 Added balloon notification on error, if the table is deleted the field evaluates to ####. 1.1.27 Added the option to enter a handle were selecting the table is not possible, I.e. in paper space. 1.1.36 improved GUI to fix scaling issue, added tooltips, improved evaluation formatting by clearing all formats before evaluation

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