Simple FM Tools 2015-2016

Simple FM Tools 2015-2016

Simple Solutions FM



3 Tool Palettes in 1:


1. fmLABEL™.  Autodesk® AutoCAD® incremental text insertion tools with powerful prefix & suffix capabilities. 

2. fmAUDIT™.  AutoCAD polyline & text auditing tools to prepare CAD drawings for a CAFM system. 

3. fmTAG™. DWF tools used to publish room number & area data to an attributed DWF file.


Simple FM Tools™ is a custom 3 tab, add-on tool palette for AutoCAD and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Architecture that provides a powerful text insertion tool, a polyline & text auditing tool, and a DWF tag tool used to publish attributed DWF files for stand-alone use or for use in the EvolveFM computer aided facility management (CAFM) system.


The Trial version of this app allows only Tag mode.

The Tag mode provides a basic set of tagging tools to publish an attributed DWF file.

Note: The app also supports 2015 version.

Trial Description

The triall version of Simple FM Tools provides free access to the fmTAG functions so that Evolve FM CAFM/CMMS System Users have the ability to tag and then import thier DWF drawings into the Evolve FM CAFM/CMMS system. For more infomration about the Evolve FM Facility Management CAFM/CMMS Software application, please visit

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Version 1.0.0, 1/23/2019
Initial release.

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