TACCOR – Tunes parallel polylines

TACCOR – Tunes parallel polylines

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This is the app you have been looking for to adjust the length of parallel polylines. This app from CAD Design Software will adjust the length of parallel polylines starting from a calculated minimum length and either reduce or increase based on user input. It even handles polylines set out at any rotation angle. Download your free trial today ! 


This application will start in Trial-Mode and allow 5 trial runs or 1 day, whichever comes first.

$5.00 to purchase from within the app using a Paypal account or make a one-time purchase with a Debit or Credit Card on Paypal

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version 2.1.0, 3/19/2017
Minor fix, no interface or functional changes to the app itself.

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