The AVC_AutoAnn plugin includes three functions to simplify the process of placing texts and other annotations in the drawing.
  • The program controls which commands you enter and detects one of the commands for creating annotations. Then the program automatically configures Autodesk® AutoCAD®
  • The program can switch the current layer to the MD_Annotation layer so that it is assigned to new texts
  • Can turn off snaps so that they do not interfere with placing text in an arbitrary place in the drawing
  • Can turn off orthogonality mode
  • The program will make sure to switch everything back when you finish typing.
  • You can customize the list of commands to switch, add your commands there. There are three configuration commands for this
  • The default toggle command list contains all commands for entering and editing annotation, including Autodesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical commands
  • As soon as you install the AVC_AutoAnno plugin, the program will immediately start working, no commands need to be called
You can download, activate and use the program for free. But I really look forward to your feedback and donations.
The AutoAnn features are included in the collections A>V>C> Kit and A>V>C> Pro

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Version 2024.03.00, 3/27/2024
Compatible with AutoCAD 2025

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