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GeoLocation Plus

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Set Location: Sets and stores the coordinate system for the current drawing. Optionally zoom to system extents and set the drawing units (feet/meters) to match the selected system. Does not require logging into Autodesk® A360.


Alternate Coords: A system allowing entry and labeling of a second system. For example if your current drawing is in state plane, you can easily enter values in Lat/Long or place updatable labels displaying the alternate system. You can even copy the labels and the alternate coordinates update on demand.

  • Set System: Sets the system code for the alternate coordinate system.
  • Label Add: Add an alternative coordinate label at multiple pick points.
  • Label Update: Update a selection set of alternative coordinate labels.
  • Coord Entry: Enter an alternate coordinate any time CAD is prompting for a point using the transparent 'GAC command.


Convert Lat/Long: Reads Lat/Long text files (DD/DMS), projects to designated coordinate system and writes to point file.

Coordinate Entry: Enter or pick coordinates which are projected and listed. Convert between any two systems, even data shifts of NAD27 <> NAD83.

Cursor Track: Tracks the coordinates of the CAD cursor in multiple coordinate systems. Optionally outputs coordinates on ID command ending.

Excel Parse: Projects coordinates in an Excel spreadsheet and writes the projected values to adjacent columns.

Extended Data: A system to allow you to easily add, edit and process extended data on any Autodesk® AutoCAD® object.

  • Draw geometry (hatches, mtext, inserts) based on values in extended data.
  • Edit the extended entity data on a single object. Dockable palette automatically shows extended data when one object is selected.
  • Manage xdata with operations across a selection set of objects.


GNIS Query: Uses the internet to query the Geographic Names Information System with plotting options.

GPS Track: Real time GPS tracking with marker and track data collection, voice guidance, alignment and surface information.

Image Symbols: Go straight from your GPS enabled camera to CAD! Locates symbols representing GPS Photos (with EXIF data) directly from images. Creates a hyperlink to the image, projects to drawing system, rotates to view (if bearing data exists).

Link Inspect: Shows linked images in a resizable preview window as you move the crosshair over objects (such as polyline house outlines) containing links.

Linetype Manager: Quickly create symbolic linetypes (arrows, bullets, numbers, shapes, etc.) or text based linetypes based on characters you enter.

Map Import: Import major formats produced by ESRI, civil applications and government agencies. Select multiple files, specify a coordinate window, and quickly import mapping information directly into your CAD drawing.

  • Autodesk Breakline File (*.flt)
  • ContourGPS Export Files (*.csv)
  • ESRI Generate Polyline File (*.gen;*.ung)
  • ESRI Shape File (*.shp)
  • Geography Markup Language (*.gml)
  • Golden Software Blanking/Boundary (*.bln)
  • Google Earth KMZ/KML Files (*.kmz,*.kml)
  • GPS Exchange Format (*.gpx)
  • LandXML Industry Consortium (*.xml)
  • MapInfo Data Interchange Format (*.mif)
  • Moss/MX Genio String Files (*.mos;*.inp)
  • Open Street Map Files (*.osm)
  • Ordnance Survey MasterMap GZip (*.gz)
  • USGS Digital Line Graph (*.dlg;*.opt)


Map Export: Export AutoCAD geometry to various file formats.

  • Autodesk Breakline File (*.flt)
  • ESRI Generate Polyline File (*.gen)
  • ESRI Shape File (*.shp)
  • Golden Software Blanking/Boundary (*.bln)
  • GPS Exchange Format (*.gpx)
  • MapInfo Data Interchange Format (*.mif/mid)
  • Moss/MX Genio String Files (*.mos)
  • OpenGIS Simple Features Text (*.txt)


Map Publish: Publish your drawing to a KML (Google Earth) or HTM file using Google Maps or Leaflet to display the drawing in a browser. Push the html file to your web server and anyone (with an internet connection) can view the map using any type of device or browser.

OpenStreetMaps: Imports OpenStreetMap geometry by simply windowing an area inside the drawing or display OpenStreetMap in your browser with the current drawings viewport.

Symbol Manager: A tool for managing both the symbols provided and your own user symbols. You can assign a scale factor from 10% to 200% to resize the DWG preview bitmaps.

Transform: Projects a selection set of geometry from one coordinate system to another in the current drawing.

TMS Tiles: Builds insertable images from TMS (Tile Map Service) to produce plan view maps, satellite imagery or terrain images.

World Command: Inserts multiple TIF/JPG/PNG images based on world files or creates a World TFW/JGW/PGW/SDW file from a selected image (even rotated).

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