Anchor Bolts 2D-18

Anchor Bolts 2D-18

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Anchor Bolts 2D draws a Standard or ‘J’ Type anchor bolt for base plate details.

Options include User defined dimensions for:

  •     Total bolt length
  •     Thread length
  •     Projection length
  •     Hook length

Select from list of bolt diameters starting at 1/4" through 4". Additional toggle options include "add Nut and Washer", "add Double Nut" and "Mirror/Copy".

Once the options are selected click OK and you are prompted for the Anchor bolt embed point.

Anchor bolt threads are hatched automatically.

An option to copy the Standard and mirror the ‘J’ type anchor bolt, saves time in creating a pair of anchor bolts for column details. Anchor Bolt objects are placed on the current layer.

On the Standard Anchor Bolt you can erase the bolt head and mirror the threads for a double end rod or include the nut and washer.

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