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Use the PDFin  plug-in to transform vector PDF files into editable CAD drawings and save hours of redraw time. In just seconds, you’ll extract an accurate drawing which will open for immediate use within AutoCAD® and other Autodesk® solutions.


PDFin  is ideal for converting CAD drawings, floor-plans, network diagrams and organization charts. It extracts editable CAD entities, layers, objects and text from any computer-generated PDF file while images from scanned PDF files are placed on a non-editable tracing layer.   PDFin  is not designed to vectorize scanned drawings.


- Open PDF files directly within AutoCAD for immediate editing

- Intelligent object recognition

- Concatenates characters to form editable words and lines of text (MTEXT) where possible

- Converts any images as referenced files 

- Tightly integrated, streamlined interface for faster and easier conversions


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PDFin  is available as a certified plug-in for AutoCAD on Microsoft Windows systems.


A stand-alone version of PDFin, with advanced options and conversion controls, is available directly from www.pdf2cad.com.

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About This Version

Version 10.0.0, 8/20/2015

Updated to support AutoCAD 2016, Version number changed to reflect that it is built on the pdf2cad 10.0 PDF conversion engine. Name changed from pdf2AutoCAD to PDFin

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