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This program can be used by mechanical engineers and draftsmen as well as those working in the field of HVAC system.

The program now deals with Imperial and Metric and with three scales for metric to cover all user's drawings scales and besides that, the program obtains all HVAC Diffusers sizes and I can add more sizes very easily if any any user asks for more with logic reason for more additions.


The Program has many sizes of HVAC Diffusers that are used in the field of HVAC, starting from 15x15 up to 60x60 which the user can roll down.

Also, the user has the ability to specify the right Layer Name for both Supply & Return Diffusers from the program along with other properties like, Colour, LineWeight, Scale XYZ, Rotation, etc.
Finally, the program has also a very powerful option now to replace Diffusers with the same options that was previously given.

You can use this program for 100 times. After the expiry of the program, you will receive a dialog showing the serial number (codes) of your PC and my Email ID.

NOTE: you can get the full version of the program before the program expires by pressing the Activate button that is available in the same dialog of the program.

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Verzió 2.0.0, 2020. 05. 27.
Added 2021 support.

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  • Great HVAC Diffusers program Tharwat
    John Rocks | november 06, 2017

    Its really awesome program as you always do.

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