Using this plugin you can quickly make the notches in intersecting parts (3D-solids) to connect cross. If you are designing a plywood construction, furniture, puzzle-toys and other structures made of flat parts, you probably had to make grooves in detail, in order to connect them crosswise, one piece across the other. The program will make all the necessary modifications of solids in one click.


In addition, the plugin can:

• Make a gap between the parts, so that they are easily inserted into the slots.

• Make a single click immediately a lot of Cross-Pieces. Simply select all parts and the program will find all of their intersection.

• To select the right direction. If the items can be pulled in both directions, then the program cannot choose the direction that you like. In this case, you can use the option "Inverse".


The plugin can work with 3D solids only. It does not work with Meshes, Surfaces and Blocks. The form details can be arbitrarily complex, but it is to be part of the sheet material. Details may be crossed at any angle.

According to your request, I can optimize the command for you. Offer your price.

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Then you can activate one of the licenses:


Verzió 2024.03.00, 2024. 03. 27.
AutoCAD 2025 compatibility

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