This plugin will allow the user to make drawings of the transversal section of a steel purlin in 2D. It also allows drawing the element in 3D.

You can label the final drawing with a name and basic information about the profile, for example, the caliber and the base can't measure. It also allows you to place dimensions on the drawing. 

The dimension styles, text styles, and layers necessary for the creation of the profile sections will be created by the same plugin. 

The drawings made will be 1:1 taking as reference 1 meter for the unit. In the following link you can download a dwg file with several drawings created by the plugin in the Acad template. This template is the one that comes by default when creating a new drawing.

If any profile does not appear in the list that the plugin brings by default, the user can add new profiles to expand the catalog of profiles.


Verzió 1.0.0, 2023. 01. 18.
Initial version.

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