Fillet Polyline


The Fillet Polyline (FP) command allows you to quickly draw a radius blend (i.e. fillet) at all corners of the polyline. In Autodesk® AutoCAD® there is the existing _Fillet command, which even has the _Polyline option, i.e. theoretically can fillet all corners of a polyline at once,  but this command is unreliable.  This is a feature required by users, especially those who want to prepare the contours for milling and want to see how the round cutter passes in the corners. For the inlay of the milled parts into each other, and for the luminous letters in the walls, it is also necessary to fillet all the corners, otherwise, the parts simply do not fit into each other. This plugin is intended for everyone who faces these problems.  
Features of the program:
  • Fillet corners between arcs and lines
  • Fillet all the corners of the polyline from the side of the cutter passage or from both sides.
  • Fillet a corner between two pre-selected polyline segments. Moreover, the segments do not have to be contiguous, and you can skip the chain of segments.
  • The program will increase the radius of all too small arcs of the polyline to the given one.
  • The program itself can skip too obtuse angles.
  • The small trash segments of the polyline at the corner will be absorbed.
  • Original contours can be saved if you want.
  • The program will show on the command line how many fillets are made, how many corners are missing and how many failed to fillet.
  • The program has common settings with all my CNC contour processing commands 
  • You can switch between "CNC styles" (sets of settings) directly from the command line while selecting objects.
  • Outside Loop (OSL) and CNC Prepare (NCP) commands can call the FP program themselves.


The FP command is also included in the A>V>C> Pro pack.

Próbaverzió leírása

You can download and use the program for free, but the activation window will periodically appear. If you donate $10, you can turn off this window.


Verzió 2021.12.03, 2023. 03. 29.
Added 2024 support.

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