7cad TitleBlock2Layout Online

7cad TitleBlock2Layout Online



Many drawings don't use layout tabs as drawing sheets. Title blocks are insert directly to the Model space.

If you want to convert that kind of drawing to the standard layout setup, this 7cad TitleBlock2Layout will help.

It is assumed that each drawing sheet in the model space is bound by a title block. In each title block, there is a drawing number attribute which will be used to name the layout. Then, the conversion process will go as follows:


+ You enter the title block name and the attribute tag as inputs

+ Upload your drawing to the web page

+ Click Submit button

+ Wait for a while to download the result.


Over the cloud of Autodesk® Platform Design Automation Service, the app will work like this:

+ Select all title blocks


For each title block:

+ Create a new layout named after the attribute

+ Move the title block from model space to the new layout

+ Set the block's scale to 1

+ Create a viewport on the title block

+ Zoom and twist the viewport to the title block's old position in model space

Finally, sort layout tabs by layout name


Verzió 1.0.0, 2023. 07. 04.
Initial release.

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