Coil of Auger


In practice, it is often necessary to make a screw auger (cylindrical or conical). For this, it is easier to cut steel coils from sheet metal, bend them, and then connect them by fastening or welding. Sometimes it is also necessary to unfold a straight circular cone intersected by a plane at an angle.


This app makes it easy for you to accomplish these tasks. You can also get an exact 1:1 drawing of the section of the cone with the plane. The application can be launched from the command line or from the ribbon. There is a main panel with buttons for each of the commands.


In the menu and in the main panel there are buttons to access a help file. In the next version, there will be an intersection of an inclined eccentric cone with a plane. It should be made of sheet material of negligible thickness.


Verzió 1.0.0, 2024. 04. 05.
Initial release

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