Numbering texts and attributes

Numbering texts and attributes



Easily number texts and block attributes by setting a prefix, suffix and starting number in an interactive and intuitive dialog box.


If you select a block with attributes, choose the attribute tag to number in a pop-up list in the dialog box and set the prefix, suffix and starting number (prefix and suffix are optional). After configuring the dialog box, press OK and select the objects in the drawing. The app will filter the objects to modify only the blocks with the same name of the block you selected earlier and will number the attribute tag that you chose in the dialog box. If you select the option Numbering by a polyline in the dialog box, after pressing OK select a polyline before selecting the objects, then the objects will be numbered following the polyline direction (starting with the object closest to the beginning of the polyline and so on.)


If you select a text, you must proceed in the same way, but the pop-up list will be disabled for selecting a tag. Set the prefix, suffix and start number and the option Numbering by a polyline, if desired. When you select the objects and confirm, the app will number all texts in the selected object as configured in the dialog box.

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버전 1.0.0, 2023-11-29
Initial release.

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