MasterDEL is a plugin that allows you to delete all the same entities from a group of various selected entities.

MasterDEL is a universal command to delete any entity that can be processed by Autodesk® AutoCAD® and derivatives. However, direct commands for specific entities have been added to increase user productivity. 


Note: The entities are:

  • circles
  • Lines
  • Polylines
  • Hatches
  • Points
  • Ellipses
  • Blocks etc. 


From a selection containing lines, circles, points, blocks, etc. And you only want to delete a particular entity for example delete all circles, this plugin allows you to do that easily, just by selecting an entity of the type to delete.

 The plugin mainly consists of 2 parts 

  1. The MasterDEL command will ask you to select your work area, the entities that are within this area will be processed, then you will have to select an entity type (circle, line, point) , automatically all entities of the same type will be deleted. 
  2. Short commands have been loaded to delete specific entities. All you have to do is select your work area along with the entities. 


The short commands are:  

  • DH deletes hatches 
  • DTX deletes texts 
  • DL deletes leaders 
  • DP erases points 
  • DD delete dimensions 
  • DB delete blocks 


The main command (masterdel) is universal since with it you can delete all the entities of a specific type from a selected group with more entities. 

Once the command (MASTERDEL) is called, you will have to select the area in which you want to work, any entity (circles, lines, points, etc.) that is in the selection range will be processed. 

Press the enter key to continue 

The plugin will ask you to select an entity type you want to delete (circle, point, line, polylines, dimensions, leaders...etc).

For example a hatch.

Finish by pressing the enter key. 

Automatically all the entities that are of the same type as the one you selected will be deleted, in this case it will delete all the hatches that are within the selection.


Use of DALL 

  • It will ask you to make a selection of your area to work 
  • Press the enter key 
  • The plugin will ask you to work, for this just select any object belonging to the layer of your interest. 

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버전 1.0.0, 2022-05-05
Initial release

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