This program is simply to distribute a specific block (not block attribute) that is selected from the popup menu from the main program as per the number of Rows & Columns or as per the second option which is by distance.


Layer name also should be specified from the user from the popup menu.


You can use this program more than 120 times. To activate the program, click on the activate button in the main dialog to display another dialog, which shows the serial number (codes) of your PC and my Email ID. Please send me an email including the serial number. After I receive your payment I will then send to you the full version.


The second release would cover more options for block distribution by interval, equal distance, or by numbers and this program should be very helpful for distributing blocks like Lights, HAVC Diffusers, Fire Fighting Sprinklers, etc. 

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버전 2.3.0, 2021-07-15
Added 2022 support.

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