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Estimation of buildings can be split up into Rate analysis and Quantity analysis. Quantity analysis is a tedious job of taking measurements from the drawings by centerline or similar method. Estimax is an AI-enabled system which understands the drawing by itself.

By adding a scanning method to calculate the quantity automatically from drawings, Estimax attempts to reduce the time for estimation drastically. Rate Analysis can be easily done with the sub-functions like Rate Master, Work Sub Group. Also, Estimax has a unique programable interface for creating your own functions insider.  Reports can be easily prepared.
  • Estimation in minutes by scanning the Autodesk® AutoCAD® Drawing.
  • Scan objects like windows, doors, columns, etc. from AutoCAD drawing.
  • Derive work items from AutoCAD drawing through scanning. 
  • Prepares detailed and abstract Estimate Reports.
  • Provision for changing Rates and Specifications for each Project.
  • Flexibility in adding new works. 
  • Gives detailed Estimate with dimensions of each work in a project.
  • Steel Quantity preparation.
  • Calculates Material, Labour and Machinery requirements for each work and its rate. 
  • Works with standard specifications


After this trial period, the online purchase has to be done using the software.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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버전, 2021-09-13
Initial release

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