Print2CAD 2021 - PDF to DWG Bidirectional

Print2CAD 2021 - PDF to DWG Bidirectional

Digitally signed app



2D/3D PDF to DWG Conversion To Full Editable Drawing With The Help of a Stand Alone Program. With TIFF / JPEG Vectorization and OCR Text Recognition.

  • Top Quality PDF to DWG Conversion with Text Recogition and Raster To Vector
  • Top Quality 3D Scan to DWG File Conversion
  • 2D/3D DWG Publishing as Interactive PDF
  • Top Quality TIFF/JPEG etc. to DWG Vectorization
  • Top Quality HPGL, HPGL-2  to DWG Conversion
  • PDF to TIFF/JPEG/GIF/PNG/BMP Conversion
  • Automatic OCR Recognition of Texts (Native, as Raster or as Line)
  • Converts Raster Images To DWG/DXF Vector Elements
  • Smart Recognition of Layers, Circles, Arcs, Line Types, etc.
  • Smart Edge Recognition and Vectorization of Digital Photos
  • Incredible Accuracy with the Help of Free Calibration Points
  • Integrated DWG Postprocessor and Viewer
  • Integrated PDF Viewer with Measurement Tools
  • Converts Blueprint Scans with OCR and Corner Detection
  • English, German, Italian, Spanish and French Interfaces
  • Batch Conversion Supported (no additional Price)
  • 200 Page Program Reference Manual and Free Daily Webinars
  • Technical Support by US Representatives (For Customers and Trial Users)


Print2CAD is a PDFin tool for Autodesk® AutoCAD®.

This is a 30 day trial of Print2CAD. It is the full version of our program with two exceptions. The first is the limited time for which you can use it and the second is that it will place our "Watermark" in the middle of the converted file that states that it is the trial version.

Print2CAD 2020 converts files into DWG version 14, 2000 - 2020 or DXF version 12, 2000-2020. All vectors, lines, circles, arcs, surfaces, splines, text, and pixel images are transferred into DWG or DXF. The pixel images can be converted into vectors, embedded or stored in separate files. Special functions generate circles and arcs. PDF layer structure is supported, or if not available, this can be created on the basis of color or line widths. PDF characters are put together to create a new text. PDF properties such as line widths and line types are also converted into CAD properties. Print2CAD 2020  converts PDF colors into CAD index of colors or full RGB colors. Print2CAD 2020  also supports TTF fonts. With multi-page PDF documents, one can specify which pages to convert.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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