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The Mark command will help you quickly place texts on a drawing field with part numbers or their sizes. The program can extract block names and any other information from any objects in the drawing. If you are drawing solid models of parts, you can use the Mark command to describe parts of chipboard laid out on the floor or podium or for example, for marking assemblies of flat walls.
Another useful feature of the Mark command is the placement of special InfoPoints, blocks with invisible attributes under parts or assemblies. Info points can store any properties of objects: dimensions, color, layer, name, description, etc. Then you can extract data from the Info points with the usual command _DataExtract and insert the data into an Excel spreadsheet.
Program features
  • Select objects both in the model and all visible viewport in the sheet.
  • Skip Annotations objects.
  • Call the Numbering program to name the solids.
  • Calculate the geometric center of objects as a mark insertion point.
  • Move marks higher or lower of the part dimensions.
  • Use substitutions and fields to display properties of objects in text or attributes.
  • Insert Label into the drawing - multitexts with the description of objects.
  • Insert Info-Points into the drawing - blocks with a point and invisible attributes.
  • Insert arbitrary blocks with attributes into the drawing.
  • Use paper space to place marks over objects visible in the viewport.
  • Arrange texts in the model in the current UCS (coordinate system).
  • Customize the style and size of texts, including frames around the texts.
  • Easily create new info-points and, edit the set of their attributes.
  • Quickly switch between nine mark styles directly while selecting objects, without opening the settings window.
  • Find and delete old marks among the selected objects.
  • Find and delete old marks that are visible in the viewport or drawn over the viewport.
  • Manage layers - you can create your own layer for labels. In over case, the Annotation and Info layers are used.
  • Regardless of the Autodesk® AutoCAD® language, you can switch the plugin's dialogs and messages into the following languages: English, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese.

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Versão 2024.03.03, 24/04/2024
Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2025 compatibility.

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  • perfect!
    Uwe Grabner | fevereiro 21, 2019

    Absolutely perfect app! It saves a lot of time and avoids errors especially after drawing changes.

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