AutoTableX-CellSuite is designed to simplify the modification operation of AcDbTable and provide an easy, simple, convenient and powerful way to manipulate AcDbTable and AcDbTable cells. AutoTableX-CellSuite provides 12 commands to help working with AcDbTable:

  • ExMerge
    Advanced merge/unmerge with more control options.
  • ExAdjust
    Adjust the cell and table size at Minimum or Autofit mode.
  • ExColRow
    Process column/row with more options than Autodesk® AutoCAD®. 
  • ExCombo
    Split or combine existing AcDbTable(s). 
  • ExAttr
    Modify attributes in blocks in AcDbTable BlockCell. 
  • ExAlign
    Change the cell Alignment and margins (Horizontal and Vertical).
  • ExWFact
    Set unique width factor to cell contents. 
  • ExAnno
    The common operation in cell content can be done within ExAnno including the sequent annotations. 
  • ExMatch
    ExMatch can match content and properties between cells. 
  • ExHideCell
    Switch the appearance of AcDbTable cell content. 
  • ExCellProp
    Modify cell common and frequently used properties.
  • VFColor
    Set the virtual-fill color for AcDbTable in AutoCAD.

AutoTableX-CellSuite is shareware and locked by RegisterShell for VLDCL in 30-days-trial mode. The products can run in trial mode with full functions for 30 days after the first calling date. The only inconvenience is that the RegisterShell will appear each time invoking the products. After the expiration date, the products will be locked permanently and only registering it can activate it again. The registration will disable the compulsory appearance of RegisterShell.


版本 2.5.5, 2017/3/21
Added latest support. Supports Weekly Rental Service in China. Remove Kagi Store link as Kagi has terminated the service.


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