Railing Designer for Advance Steel® 2020 Trial

Railing Designer for Advance Steel® 2020 Trial

Win64, English

Railing Designer for Advance Steel enables users to create Ball Posts Railings, Standard Railings and Wall-mounted Railings to supplier catalog's or customized to bespoke measurements.

General Usage Instructions

GRAITEC Railing Designer 2020 installs a new ribbon tab containing multiple tools covering the specified functionality. Please refer to the User Guide provided or visit the app website for more information.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Launch the online Help File


Displays information about the installed version

Ball Post Railing

Create a railing with ball posts.

License Utility

Launch the Graitec License Manager

Key Clamps

Create a Key Clamps railing.

Railing Connection

Create a tube and bolt connection between two railing posts.

Standard Railing

Create a general railing.

Wall mounted Railing

Create a wall mounted railing.


Please use the downloaded package to install and uninstall the application.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: GRAITEC
Support Contact: support@graitec.ro

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Visit our website at www.graitec.com, or email us at apps.as@graitec.com

Version History

Version Number Version Description


2020 Release
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