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BackToCAD Technologies, LLC
Artificial intelligence Assistant for all tasks related to CAD work and CAD design. Powered by Elaine AI Bot, ChatGPT and Expert Robotics Tools.

General Usage Instructions

Our AI system, CADGPT, has been specifically designed to cater to all CAD products, particularly Autodesk® AutoCAD®. 

It is enriched with multilingual support. The questions you ask our AI do not have to be grammatically correct; they must, however, cover all aspects of the topic. Our AI highly appreciates human-like conversations. 

Our AI Android Elaine is readily available for you to chat about anything related to CAD, and more. With our AI, you can effortlessly generate CAD emails on any subject or enhance your CAD texts to impeccable business English.

The "Generate LISP Code Snippet" function creates LISP source code that can be utilized in AutoCAD through a .lsp program. CADGPT produces LISP code for every topic, along with code details and usage samples.

The "Generate ObjectARX Code Snippet" feature generates Visual C++ source code for use in any AutoCAD .arx program. CADGPT produces ObjectARX C++ code for each subject, along with a code description and a usage sample.

The "Generate VB Code Snippet" function can produce Visual Basic source code that can be utilized in any AutoCAD VB program. CADGPT can generate VB code for all topics and provide code descriptions and a usage sample.

The "CAD Project Step by Step" function is designed to create a comprehensive plan for any CAD topic, providing clear guidance throughout the project. 

The function of the Research CAD Guidelines is to investigate every CAD project for necessary policies and guidelines.

The purpose of Research CAD Variables is to list of AutoCAD variables relevant to the specified topic.

The aim of Research CAD Commands is to provide a list of AutoCAD commands that are pertinent to the given subject. 

Samples of CADGPT Chat:

"How can I define Block Attributes in AutoCAD?"

"Give me an AutoCAD variable to turn off solid hatch fill"

"Can I use the POLYLINE command in Autodesk® Revit® ?"

"How do I recover a corrupted DWG file in AutoCAD?"

"Generate the ObjectARX program for renaming a list of layers"

"Generate LISP program to delete selected layers"

"What regulations do I need to be aware of when creating a CAD drawing in California?"

"What rules do I need to follow when designing a kitchen with CAD in Ohio?"

"What are the 10 principles of architecture?"

"What are the 8 key principles of design?"

"What is an architect responsible for in Florida?"

"What are the duties of an architect in Canada?"

"Write an email about a CAD construction project delay"

"Write an email about the successful CAD project completion"

"Prepare contract for CAD service"

"Write a cease and desist letter for DWG drawing copyright infringement"

"What copyright rules apply to architectural CAD drawings?"

"Write a nice email to my landlord about leaking windows in the office"

"Write a letter to my landlord about a broken air conditioner"

"Write a Commendation Letter for Early Completion of a CAD Project"




1) Download & Install the trial version

2) Allow the program to complete the download and installation process

3) Open the program from your desktop.

It's ready to use.


To Uninstall:

Go to  Settings > Apps > CADGPT >Uninstall

OR, Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and uninstall

Additional Information

We are not liable for any damages, losses or expenses of any kind arising from or relating to your access or use of the Service. You agree not to transmit any data, files or any material which is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or otherwise illegal. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any data, files or other material that you transmit using this system. We are not liable for any damages, losses or expenses of any kind arising from or relating to your access or use of the Service.

Known Issues

The Service is provided "as is" and may include bugs, errors and other problems. We do not guarantee the availability, performance, accuracy or security of the Service.


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BackToCAD Technologies, LLC

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Windows x64 Stand Alone App. Active Internet Connection is needed.
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