IDEA StatiCa Viewer for Autodesk® Advance Steel®

IDEA StatiCa Viewer for Autodesk® Advance Steel®

Win64, English

IDEA StatiCa
Plugin to export connections from Autodesk® Advance Steel® to IDEA StatiCa Viewer. Cloud Viewer is a free service enabling you to display (and download) any connection in IDEA StatiCa.

General Usage Instructions

1. Install the plugin.

2. Open the project in Advance Steel (2019, 2020, 2021), design the steel connection.

3. Use the button in the top ribbon (IDEA StatiCa - Viewer) or type one of the following commands according to the desired standard:

  • CONEXPORT-EN (Europe)
  • CONEXPORT-AS (Australia)
  • CONEXPORT-SP (Russia)
  • CONEXPORT-GB (China)


4. In Advance Steel, follow the instructions from the command line:

        a) Select the point representing the node of the connection.

        b) Select the members of the connection (beams, columns …). Confirm the selection by spacebar.

        c) Select all the other entities (plates, bolts, welds …). Confirm the selection by spacebar. 

5. Export is performed and the cloud Viewer is opened in a browser window with the designed connection. Internet connection is necessary.

6. Other actions can be taken in the Viewer app.




Run idea-statica-viewer-plugin-advance-steel.msi install file as Administrator to install the plugin. To uninstall the plugin, use the standard Microsoft tools. 

System requirements

  • Internet connection during the export process


  • Operating system

Minimum: Windows 8.1, 10 64 bit (necessary to update your Windows 8.1 or install Visual C++ Redistributable Package)
Recommendation: Windows 10, 64 bit

  • Framework

Microsoft net Framework 4.7 or higher (download here)

  • Display Card

Minimum: Windows True Color display adapter with 1024x768 resolution
Recommendation: Single OpenGL 4.2 compatible graphics card with 8 GB RAM, up to 2560 x 1600 resolution
Note: Incorrect imaging may occur in the case of integrated graphics (INTEL chip)

  • Processor

Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
Recommendation: Intel Core i7 or Core i5 processor and compatible

  • RAM

Minimum: 4 GB
Recommendation: 8 GB

  • Disk Space for installation – 0.5 GB

Additional Information

Known Issues

Please check the availability of the cloud service at


Company Name: IDEA StatiCa
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

IDEA StatiCa

Support Information

Support center - a place to find tutorials, videos, FAQs, verification examples, articles, case studies and much more about IDEA StatiCa.

Technical support:

Version History

Version Number Version Description


IDEA StatiCa Viewer for Autodesk® Advance Steel® IDEA StatiCa version 20.1.2515 Released 06/10/2020


IDEA StatiCa Viewer for Autodesk® Advance Steel® IDEA StatiCa version 10.1.117 Released 14/02/2020
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