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"The Incremental Save plugin revolutionizes version control for design projects. Say goodbye to manual file management and the risk of overwriting important progress. With Incremental Save, saving your work becomes a seamless process.


Every time you save your project, the plugin automatically increments the filename, creating a new version of your file while preserving previous iterations. No more worrying about accidentally saving over your work or losing track of changes. Each version is neatly organized, allowing you to revisit previous iterations if needed.


Installation is quick and easy. Simply download the plugin from the Autodesk® Alias® App Store and load it to the Alias. Once installed, access the Incremental Save feature directly from the File menu.


To use Incremental Save, start by saving your file with a designated filename format, such as 'filename_001.wire,' where '001' represents the version number. From there, every save action will automatically update the version number, creating sequential filenames like 'filename_002.wire,' 'filename_003.wire,' and so on.


The plugin offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to focus on your design work without interruptions. Never again will you have to worry about losing progress or managing multiple file versions manually. With the Incremental Save plugin, version control becomes effortless, efficient, and stress-free."

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Version 1.0.0, 6/5/2024
Each time you use the Incremental Save feature, the plugin automatically creates a new version of your file with an incremented name.

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