Dimensions for Detailing

Dimensions for Detailing

Win64, English

Arrangement of dimensions and leaders on furniture 3d-solid parts. Designations, diameters and positions of drillings. Overall dimensions. Coatings and edge bandings.

General Usage Instructions

First, you must lay out all the details in the XY plane in advance. The easiest way to do this is to use the LAY command.

After laying out, you can, if desired, rotate the parts around the Z-axis, as you see fit. It is important to keep the bottom of the part on the XY plane.

Program settings can be found in the AvcOptions settings palette on the Dimensions tab.

Select the laid-out solids and call the DimDet command. You can also select viewports and the program will work with all the solids that are visible in them. If nothing is preselected, the command will prompt you to select. The prompt will have options to open the settings dialog and to quickly switch the style of the Dimensions command directly from the command line.

The command will analyze all solids, and create MLedears, blocks and dimensions in accordance with the settings. And at the end, the command will display the number of processed parts on the command line.

If the command was called from the Model tab, then all annotations will be in the XY plane of the world coordinate system. Because of this, they will be hidden under the details, and you will only see them in a wireframe visual style.

If the command is called from sheet tabs, then all annotations will be created in paper space, on top of the viewports. This will happen even if you entered the model through the viewport. The command maximizes the viewport on the screen and locks its scale.



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Arrangement of dimensions and leaders on furniture 3d-solid parts. Designations, diameters and positions of drillings. Overall dimensions. Coatings and edge bandings.


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Additional Information

Known Issues

Program limitations:
  • The program is not suitable for mechanical products and other parts of complex shapes.
  • The program works only with 3d solids, it cannot measure any other objects.
  • The program does not try to find a nice location for the dimensions. Many sizes can be stacked on top of each other.
  • The program does not yet measure dadoes and pockets (planned in future versions)
  • There are no hole numbers yet. If you need it - write to me and offer your price for such refinement.
  • The dimensions of cutouts, windows, chamfers and fillets are not set. Only 2 part dimensions. You can order the revision of the program.
  • Oblique drilling and blind drilling from the bottom of the part is not indicated.
  • The program does not work with custom coordinate systems.
  • The program does not work with details on ModelDoc (ViewBase) views and in viewports with perspective projection.


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Support Contact: avc.programming@gmail.com

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