Voice Assistant for CAD software

Voice Assistant for CAD software

Win32 and 64, English

CAD Assistant for AutoCAD® Software
Voice-activated virtual assistant for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Software for efficient design.

General Usage Instructions

(1) After installing the exe file, the App will show up under the system tray. 

(2) The user has to install the Virtual Assistant for AutoCAD mobile app which is available in the Google Play Store.

(3) Select the mode of connection Wifi or Bluetooth to connect with the phone and then launch AutoCAD.

(4) Opening the AutoCAD program in Microsoft Windows. Voice commands: "OK AutoCAD!" or "Open AutoCAD".

(5) Drawing with voice commands.

For example Line, Polyline, Hatch, Save, etc.

In total, more than 1000 AutoCAD commands.

In the application settings, it is possible to activate commands of Express tools.

(6) Key control: "OK", "NO", "ENTER", "APPLY", "ENTER", "OPEN", and "SAVE" in AutoCAD interfaces.

 Voice commands are similar: "OK", "NO", "ENTER", "APPLY", "ENTER", "OPEN", and "SAVE".

(7) Since each person has different individual pronunciation peculiarities, sometimes the command recognition engine may not be sure of the command selection.

(8) When the engine is not sure of the correct command, in this case, the engine will find several commands that are most suitable and suggest selecting one of them.

Select the one that fits.

The selected command will be automatically saved. And next time the application will know which command the user had in mind.

In this way, the CAD Assistant application engine adapts to individual pronunciation peculiarities.

If there are difficulties with some command, i.e. the engine cannot recognize it or the recognition is unstable, the application has a special function for improvement.

 With this function, you can record a human voice for a given command. 

In this way, you teach the engine to improve its ability to recognize the voice and make it more efficient.

(9) The application includes an extensive collection of dwg blocks.

 It consists of 24 categories (such as trees, furniture, cars, and more)

These blocks can be used in the fields of architecture, electrical engineering, and HVAC.

Use the application interface to insert blocks into the AutoCAD environment.

The insertion tools include zoom, rotate, and mirror functions.

The selected function immediately controls the block in the AutoCAD environment. This makes it possible to manage and customize the block before finally inserting it.

(10) The application includes the insertion of formats and layouts. These formats are found within the block categories. Insert formats directly from the application interface into AutoCAD.




Installation Guide:

(1) Install the CAD Assistant application on smartphone from the Google Play (Android OS) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prototype.voice_autocad_android

(2) Install CAD Assistant software on a Windows computer. "CAD Assistant.exe" (Supports Microsoft® Windows® 11, 10 and 7)

This is a program to enable communication via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth between the mobile application and AutoCAD Autodesk.

(3) Connect your mobile device and computer to the same Wi-Fi or use Bluetooth are ready to go!

*If you need any assistance with the installation, you can read the installation description at https://assistantcad.com

Additional Information

The Assistant for AutoCAD Software mobile app is available in the Google Play Store:



Known Issues

This virtual Assistant works through a mobile application that must be installed on an Android smartphone.

In addition, it is necessary to install a server program on a PC with Windows OS for communication between the application and AutoCAD. 


Company Name: CAD Assistant for AutoCAD® Software
Support Contact: subm@walla.com

Author/Company Information

CAD Assistant for AutoCAD® Software

Support Information

 Information about the application, a description of its features, and instructions for installation are provided on the website:


Contact e-mail: subm@walla.com

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Fixed version with improved connectivity.


Fixed version with improved connectivity.


The first working version of the mobile application


First working version of the mobile application
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