ProModel for AutoCAD® Edition - Evaluation

ProModel for AutoCAD® Edition - Evaluation

Win64, English

ProModel Corporation
ProModel for AutoCAD® Edition - Evaluation allows you to Design, Simulate, and optimize your system around KPIs and build your models directly in your AutoCAD drawing

General Usage Instructions

After downloading the software you will need to obtain an authorization code from your email address that you used to log into the Autodesk App Store. If you do not see your authorization code check your spam or clutter folder.


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Known Issues

(We have noticed that the plug in, though installed and functioning properly, may not appear upon first launch in AutoCAD 2022. Closing and then re-opening AutoCAD will resolve the issue.)


Company Name: ProModel Corporation
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ProModel Corporation

Support Information

ProModel Support


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This is an evaluation version of the ProModel AutoCAD Edition software that allows you to build discrete event simulations directly in your AutoCAD layout. The purchased full version which includes Conveyors, Resources, Path Networks, Logic, Advanced Model Elements, and Scenarios is available here:
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