Surface Creator

Surface Creator

Win32 and 64, English

Create dynamic cross-sections of the ground level.

General Usage Instructions


Select a closed polyline as a border. The profile line you want as a result needs to be within this border.

Add surface lines. You will be requested to select polylines that are within the border. If the polyline intersects the border the surface line will be cut on the border. All the created surface lines are colored orange, but you can draw/undraw them with the eye-icon. While creating surface lines and Surface areas leave them on.

Add heights. To add heights to a surface line select the surface line in the list on the left or select the Polyline in the drawing. The add surface line-height button activates. With this button, you either select a Point, Block or MText or choose the keyword 'Manual'. If you selected a Point, Block or MText the z value is used and the closest point to the surface line is calculated. If you choose the keyword 'Manual' you have to enter the Z values yourself and click where on the surface line this z value applies. After the command is finished each point on the surface line has its Z value recalculated. When only 1 Z value is given all points have the same z value. To make the calculation accurate try to at least add a z value to the beginning and end of each surface line. If you make a mistake you can clear all the added heights with the minus button. 

Surface area

Select the surface line(s) to be used to create a surface area. The hatch is created with the points from those lines. You can also include points from the border.

You can cut out a peace out of the hatch by selecting add island and selecting the polyline that is draw by a surface line.

Select the type of surface area. Some types have additional properties. Street has a text property thats add to the cross-section. Sidewalk has the properties to add the height of the curb. Ditch has properties of slope and depth.

When the area is not straight you can add extra points which are not on the edges of the area. There are eaxtra line draw to the extra points and from the extra points to the edges. When the profileline hits the edge or an extra line a height is added to the cross-section.


you can select an existing polyline or draw a simple polyline to be used as profile line. Afterward you'll be asked to select a location and the cross-section is drawn.

When the polyline is edited the cross-section is redrawn.



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Company Name: ProCAD
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When you find any bugs or have suggestions about how to improve this program or have ideas for other programs please take the time to send me an email to Try to recall what you did that resulted in the error or provide a drawing so I can debug it properly. Thanks in advance!

Version History

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Improved calculation of the surface area's. Added ability to add island in the hatches. Various UI improvements.


Initial release
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