Station Pack

Station Pack

Win32 and 64, English
Programs create station lines, labels station and offset points along a station line.

General Usage Instructions

These programs create station lines, labels station and offset points along a station line, labels a run extended from station marks and fills the depth attributes in the location line blocks.

First create a station line using STA.

Label station and offset of points along the station line using LLSO.

Label a run with station and offset at each station mark using EXM.

Fill empty depth attributes using FD.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


1. Select run entity. 2. Select station line. 3. Enter symbol scale. (Attribute height)


1. Name station line. 2. Pick a point on the station line to begin station line. (Breaks the line at this point) 3. Select the station line to station. 4. Enter starting station mark. 5. Enter ascend or descend. 6. Enter segment length. 7. Enter symbol scale (attribute height)


Copy Extended Entity Data


Fills blank depth attributes in a location line block. 1. Enter a string to fill all blank depth attributes.


1. Pick point to label station and offset. 2. Select the station line. (Created with STA) 3. Enter symbol scale. (Attribute height)


Read Extended Entity Data


Write Extended Entity Data


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Additional Information

Known Issues

STA needs a pline longer than the segment length to work.

LLSO needs a station line with STMK.dwg labels to work, please be careful LLSO uses the closest two station marks that match the centerline extended entity data for station calculation.

EXM needs a station line with STMK.dwg labels to work.

FD needs LL.dwg or LL2.dwg to work.


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Version History

Version Number Version Description


No change in version number. Added 2025 support.


No change in version number. Added 2018 support.
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