Viewport Coordinates

Viewport Coordinates

Win64, English

Civil Reminders
A routine that puts the XY model space coordinates as text in the 4 corners of layout viewports.

General Usage Instructions

These are the steps to add Viewport Coordinates: 

  1. Type ViewportCoordinates at the command line.
  2. Select viewports.
  3. Press Enter to end the viewport selection.
  4. The command will add MText with the coordinates adjacent to each viewport corner.

Use the ViewportCoordinatesSettings command to change how MTEXT object is created. 

  1. Type ViewportCoordinatesSettings at the command line. 
  2. "Enter precision for coordinates:". This is how many decimal points are included in the coordinate values. 
  3. "Enter easting text:". This is the text added to the easting coordinate. 
  4. "Enter northing text:". This is the text added to the northing coordinate.  
  5. "Add northing and easting as prefix?". If Yes, it adds the easting and northing to text in front of the northing and easting values. If No, it adds the easting and northing text after the northing and easting values. 
  6. "Enter Y offset from viewport point:". Specifies the distance from the viewport the MTEXT is created at. 
  7. "Enter MText Height:". Specifies the text height. 

Use the ViewportCoordinatesUpdate and ViewportCoordinatesUpdateAll commands to update the Viewport Coordinate MText objects to reflect viewport changes. 

  1. Type ViewportCoordinatesUpdate or ViewportCoordinatesUpdateAll at the command line. 
  2. If ViewportCoordinatesUpdate is run, only the viewports on the current layout tab will be updated.  
  3. If ViewportCoordinatesUpdateAll is run, all of the viewports in the drawing will be updated.

Use the ViewportCoordinatesRemove command to remove the association between the viewports and the coordinates. 

  1. Type ViewportCoordinatesRemove at the command line. 
  2. Select the viewports to remove the Viewport Coordinates from. 
  3. "Delete added Mtext objects?". If Yes, the MText objects will be deleted. If No, the MText objects will remain in the drawing and the Viewport link will be removed and will no longer be updated. 
  4. The command will then either delete the MText objects or remove the link. 



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Viewport Coordinates adds MText objects at each corner of a viewport showing the coordinate information.


Command to change the viewport settings.


Command to update the Viewport Coordinates on the current layout tab.


Command to update all Viewport Coordinates in the current drawing and on all layout tabs.


Command to remove all of the viewport coordinates associated with the selected viewports. The MText objects may either be deleted or the association to the Viewport Coordinates can be removed.


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