Outside Loop

Outside Loop

Win32 and 64, English

Joins segments to closed polylines. Convert any curves to polylines. Approximation of splines with a given tolerance. Contour optimization.

General Usage Instructions

Select all the curves and call the OSL command. If the objects are not selected in advance, the command will ask them to choose. In the query will be the option Settings - it opens the settings dialog.

The program looks for intersections of all objects with all, so the work time grows exponentially with the growth of the number of objects. Therefore, in complex drawings, I strongly advise you to call the command several times for small groups of curves.

The extended optimization process can be interrupted with the Esc key.

Watch the command line - there are displayed all the messages of the program.



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Join segments to closed polyline. Convert any curves to polylines. Approximation of splines with a given tolerance. Contour optimization.


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Additional Information

Special thanks: This program is based on the source code writed by Sergey Donskov.

Known Issues

  • The command places all inside contours in the NC_Inside layer. But this is not always true. There are protrusions on the parts inside the pocket. And they must be milled outside the contour. The program can not understand this from flat pictures. Be careful.
  • The program can leave small stubs of arcs, add unnecessary circles to the contours and make other errors if you incorrectly adjust the Tolerance and Permissible Variation. Be careful when changing the tolerance settings. Return the default settings if you notice strangeness.
  • It may seem that the program is frozen. In fact, if too many curves are processed it takes a very long time. Press Esc and process the contours in groups of 20-30 curves


Company Name: A>V>C>
Support Contact: avc.programming@gmail.com

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Version History

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Added 2024 support


Added 2022 support (No change in version number).


Compatible with AutoCAD 2020 New activation system


First version in separate plugin
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