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MoxyDrawLite reads commands from simple text files and executes them in Autodesk® AutoCAD®.

General Usage Instructions

MoxyDrawLite can read commands from text files only.

MoxyDraw can work with both spreadsheet files and text files but the latter are much faster.

Path is defined using the MOXYOPTIONSLITE command.

As AutoCAD works with coordinates, the best way to calculate the coordinates of your drawing is from a spreadsheet. From there, you export all the commands and coordinates to a text file via a macro.

Custom commands found here:

Users can find examples also at:


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Executes all commands written in the text file. The path of the said file is set in the options using MOXYOPTIONSLITE.


Sets the MoxyDraw options.


Get help for MoxyDrawLite. It loads where you can find the desired command.


Launch the installer and follow the simple instructions. MoxyDrawLite will be found in your Windows, Control Panel add-remove programs.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Moxy Technologies inc.
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Author/Company Information

Moxy Technologies inc.

Support Information

For any request, feel free to contact us at

Version History

Version Number Version Description

1.2 - New UI for the help; Fixed a glitch with the available update; 1.1 - Fixed the problem with the revision; Changed the link to buy MoxyDraw; Added all commands in the options window; 1.0 - Launch Version

This is the launch version.
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