LG Air Conditioner Technical Solutions (LATS) CAD 2.0 features various tools to reduce drawing and design time by up to 80%.


You have access to LG's Multi VTM and Home Comfort Solutions line of products to be used in your design. 


Place components, run refrigerant and drain lines, and connect communication wiring with ease. Multi floor projects can be designed by connecting floors with pipe and control wire risers, and isometric pipe and control diagrams can be created with a click of a button and placed on the drawing.


Note: This app uses a custom installer and not the standard App Store.

          This app is for North America (U.S.A) use only.

Trial Description

14 Days Trial until the license request is accepted by Admin.

About This Version

Version Version, 6/28/2021
Updated features: - Updated the software to reflect heat recovery unit rules - New models were added and discontinued models were deleted - Other miscellaneous bugs are fixed

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    Jorge Quinto Lora Cogollo | August 27, 2019 Verified Download (What's this?)

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